Predator Containers

Location Melbourne Zoo

Warrandale Industries were engaged by Zoos Victoria to construct the new Predators Precinct at Melbourne Zoo. The goal of Zoos Victoria was to create a state of the art home for the predators (Snow Leopard, Coati, Tasmanian Devil, African Lion and Sumatran Tiger).

The design consists of a series of converted shipping containers which serve as educational stops and viewing portals to the animals as well as additional containers with inbuild childrens play equipment.

Warrandale supplied and converted a number of standard shipping containers into open viewing containers overlooking the exhibits.

Preparation of the containers involved cutting out the doorways, windows and shaped holes as well as lining the containers and finishing the interiors in wood panelling. The exterior of the containers varied with some being painted and others covered in wood panelling. Once completed at the Warrandale site these were transported to Melbourne Zoo and craned into place.

In addition to constructing the viewing containers for the exhibit, Warrandale were also responsible for the concrete works involved in the interior of the exhibits, including a large pond in the Snow Leopard exhibit, the footings for the containers and concrete paths leading between the enclosures and the rock walls surrounding them.