We offer total project solutions by integrating our expertise in all areas of the construction process from design and development, through construction to ongoing maintenance.

Livingston Megasaurus Park


Delivered for Peet Developments at the Livingston Estate, this unique play facility and landscape was completed in only 6 weeks. 

Giraffe Café Lookout


Our ability to offsite fabricate and reduce site disruption was integral to our winning bid to construct the Giraffe Café and Dining deck facility.

Highlands Lake Reserve


Warrandale was contracted to help create this amazing 4 hectare open parkland, of which was constructed in just 10 weeks.

Lemur Enclosure

Melbourne Zoo

The exibit is home to the Ring-tailed Lemurs, who have free reign within the enclosure, allowing visitors and lemurs to be closer than ever before!

Alamanda Estate


The boardwalk with public lighting, viewing deck, and DDA compliance ramps set a new standard for wetland boardwalk construction.  

Dendy Beach Bathing Box


Bayside City Council gave us the opportunity to construct one of their high profile bathing boxes on the shore of the iconic Dendy Beach. 

Kokoda Memorial Terrace


A challenging project for Parks Victoria, along the edge of the busy 1000 steps walk in Ferntree Gully. 

Marysville Town Streetscape


Our 30 year association with Lend Lease Projects saw us called to assistance at Marysville following the Black Saturday Fires.