We offer total project solutions by integrating our expertise in all areas of the construction process from design and development, through construction to ongoing maintenance.

Queen's Park


Queen's Park in Healesville features and extensive playground, custom designed elements and numerous artistic elements.

Timbertop Children's Centre


A nature play and sensory focused play space with custom timber elements constructed by Warrandale Industries. 

Tullamore Southern Gully


Warrandale were engaged by Mirvac Pty Ltd to complete the landscape construction works to the Tullamore Southern Gully, a 10 acre parkland forming a part of the redevelopment of the old Doncaster Golf Course


Aston Regional Active Open Space


Aston Regional Active Open Space is an eight hectare recreational and sporting space featuring an extensive playground, BBQ area and feature skate park.

Romsey Eco-Therapy Park


The Romsey Ecotherapy Park has been designed to offer a series of active interaction and physical challenges for young and old. 

Predator Containers


Warrandale Industries were engaged by Zoos Victoria to construct the new Predators Precinct at Melbourne Zoo. The goal of Zoos Victoria was to create a state of the art home for the predators (Snow Leopard, Coati, Tasmanian Devil, African Lion and Sumatran Tiger).

Wonderland Hiker Camp


Offsite fabrication of the decks, toilet block and shelter enabled the project to be delivered seamlessly within only 31 site days.

Kangaroo Country Precinct

Healesville Sanctuary

A showpiece for Healesville Sanctuary, the Kangaroo Country Precinct is home to their Red & Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Bandicoots, Potoroos, Wombats and Tree Kangaroos.